Dr Libby Weaver

"My mission is to educate and inspire, enhancing people's health and happiness, igniting a ripple effect that transforms the world."

Dr Libby Weaver (PhD) is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, an author, a speaker and founder of the plant-based supplement range, Bio Blends.

Armed with an abundance of knowledge, scientific research and a true desire to help people regain their energy and vitality, Dr Libby empowers and inspires people to take charge of their health and happiness through her books, live events and nutritional support range.

Having sold over 300,000 books across New Zealand and Australia, she is a nine-times number one bestselling author.

A respected international speaker, Dr Libby’s expertise in nutritional biochemistry has led her to share the stage with Marianne Williamson, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Dr Oz.

She is regularly called on as an authoritative figure in the health and wellness industry and has been featured in numerous media publications including The Times, The Huffington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Women’s Weekly and she appears regularly on breakfast radio and television.

With a natural ability to break even the most complex of concepts into layman’s terms, Dr Libby’s health messages embrace her unique three-pillared approach that explore the interplay between nutrition, emotions and the biochemistry of the body.

It’s no surprise that when it comes to achieving and maintaining ultimate health and wellbeing, Hollywood stars, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness, describe her as a “one stop shop in achieving and maintaining ultimate health and wellbeing.”

Meet The Team


Chris Weaver

CEO and Chairman of Dr Libby Ltd

Chris has been the driving force behind Dr Libby as together they have developed the brand you see today. In May 2012, Chris left his CEO role at the Auckland Racing Club to assume the role of CEO and Chairman of Dr Libby Ltd full time. He brings 26 years of business experience developed in Leadership Roles at Ellerslie, Lion Nathan and Virgin.


Madeline Westbrook

General Manager

Madeline Westbrook joined the Dr Libby team in March 2015.

Madeline brings a wealth of experience after 5 years as the General Manager of Duco Promotions – an event promotion business in Auckland, New Zealand. Madeline is passionate about health and combined with her extensive commercial experience makes her a valuable member of our team.


Kate Wilkie

Brand Guardian

Kate Wilkie has a background in nutrition and marketing. She started with us as a Nutrition Consultant, before moving into the role of Nutrition Communications Manager. She rejoined the team as a Project Manager and is now our Brand Manager.

With an early interest in natural health, Kate has spent a number of years working in various aspects of the health and wellness industry. Kate is particualrly passionate about how our thoughts and perceptions can influence our well-being.


Jenny Brooks

Senior Consultant

Jenny Brooks an experienced nutritionist, naturopath and medical herbalist. Dr Libby has been “chasing” Jenny to join her team for some years given her extensive qualifications, experience, impressive biochemical knowledge and her kind and empathetic nature.

Dr Libby has worked with Jenny (at arms length) for the last 7 years in developing strategies to help her clients. Dr Libby was thrilled when Jenny joined the Dr Libby Team on a permanent basis and she carries out the role of holistic nutrition consultant and medical herbalist. Jenny has over 12 years clinical experience working with people in a consulting and educational level. She worked for 4 years in a family practice in Brisbane, Australia. She has also been a lecturer in numerous educational institutions in New Zealand. Jenny is fully trained in the Dr Libby method.

Jenny has an extensive background in herbal medicine which is an integral part of the Dr Libby method. Herbs are often key to getting biochemical shifts (usually short term use of herbs.) Jenny tailors your plan specifically for your current health situation and is experienced with a wide variety of conditions. She has also worked extensively with children in nutritional management of behavioral disorders and allergies. You will leave the session with a nutrition plan, insight into your emotional landscape (where that is necessary) and herbal medicine if / when necessary.

Jenny gets great results with her clients as a very happy lady wrote to us recently. This is truly why we do what we do! Nothing gives us greater joy than witnessing a shift in someone’s health. Jenny is a superstar within the Dr Libby Team. We are very blessed to have her as part of our team.

Client Testimonial:

For years I have suffered from PMT …. severe mood swings, low energy, erratic angry outbursts, sadness, depression and a daily roller coaster of emotions. With my marriage hanging by a string and two small children unsure of which ‘mum’ they would get today… Someone suggested my hormones may be out of balance and to see Jenny at Dr Libbys office. After 2 weeks of being on the herbs Jenny gave me I felt calmer, more balanced and more energetic. After 2 months it has completely changed my life. I literally feel like a different person. I can regulate my own emotions, I can deal with the stress of daily life, I am happier, balanced and in control of my life and have a heap of energy. My kids are more settled and well behaved and my husband and I are more in love than we have been. Thank you Jenny!!!! You changed my world!!!


Georgia Richards

Clinic Manager

Georgia Richards was appointed the Dr Libby Limited Clinic Manager in July 2014.

In 2011 Georgia graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Property and spent her subsequent years in Auckland and Sydney acquiring experience in administration, property management, events and marketing.

Georgia has a diverse range of skills, incredible nature and passion for health which has made her an invaluable member of the Dr Libby team.

Mike Hancock

Mike Hancock

Digital Development Officer

Mike joined the Dr Libby team in August 2015.

Mike strives to create the best user experiences, with innovative and thoughtful designs. Mike comes with 13 years of professional experience in digital development and he is proud to now be a part of the Dr Libby team.


Sarah Kolkka

Online Content Creator

Sarah joined the Dr Libby team in June, 2016. She comes with over ten years experience in the wellness industry and a varied and well-rounded history of studies in human behaviour. Recently taking a career change to align her life more directly with her passion for connecting with human hearts through words, Sarah is thrilled to be a part of the Dr Libby team as the Online Content Creator.


Scott Moir


Scott joined the Dr Libby team in August, 2016.

Scott has an accounting degree, along with three years’ experience in the Accounting Sector.
With an interest in health and food, Scott is a great fit for the Dr Libby Team.


Bree Whiteoak

Nutrition Communications

Bree joined the Dr Libby team in February, 2017.

With a passion for health and a love of learning, Bree has a degree in nutrition and dietetics and experience in nutrition research. She is particularly interested in gut health and hormonal balance, and is thrilled to be a part of the Dr Libby team.