Ageing and weight gain: is it inevitable?

Too many people are led to believe that ageing and weight gain go hand in hand.

The thing is, if this was the case, everyone would put on weight as they aged – and this does not happen. While it’s true that our body does change as we grow older, gaining weight with age is anything but inevitable.

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10 Foods That Help Sugar Cravings

10 foods that help sugar cravings Sugar has been a topic of much debate over the past few years. Countless people make great food choices for breakfast and lunch and then at 3 o’clock in the afternoon or after dinner, they feel like someone else has taken over their body. The desire for and subsequent […]

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5 Tips to save your skin this winter

Dry, flakey skin doesn’t have to be your reality this winter. Here are our five top tips for glowing skin this winter. Hydrate Skin loves hydration! Your skin is your biggest organ and it needs a steady supply of fluid to stay hydrated, plump and glowing. Ensure that you are drinking plenty of filtered water, […]

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