Ageing and weight gain: is it inevitable?

Too many people are led to believe that ageing and weight gain go hand in hand.

The thing is, if this was the case, everyone would put on weight as they aged – and this does not happen. While it’s true that our body does change as we grow older, gaining weight with age is anything but inevitable.

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The Post-Lunch Slump

Why Do I Feel So Tired After Eating? Food is designed to energise us, right? Yet why is it that so many people feel a post-lunch slump? How often have you observed someone or even felt yourself crash after you’ve eaten a somewhat ‘healthy’ lunch. How can food, the very thing that is supposed to […]

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Walking – The Forgotten Movement

Everywhere you turn these days it appears there is a new exercise trend and while I’m all for finding different ways to keep moving – there is one way to move that’s free, great for your heart, soul and always accessible – walking! No need for a membership, or special equipment – the best part […]

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